Unplanned school closures have caused household food costs to nearly triple as parents are now faced with providing breakfast, lunch, dinner seven days per week.

As a result of this demand, access to much needed foods in traditional stores are harder to come by. Families are struggling to meet the increasing financial needs of their households while businesses continue to close their doors leaving households unemployed.

New Heights understands your needs. That’s why we have committed to distributing 1,000 meals per day to households impacted by school closures. We have set up 10 drive-thru Food Distribution Centers throughout St Louis City and St Louis County to ensure your children will continue to receive healthy meals during these unpredictable times.

Since 2013, New Heights has been providing high quality meals to children in under-resourced communities. In 2018, USDA and the Missouri Department of Health awarded New Heights for its outstanding meal service.

Stop by one of our drive-thru Food Distribution Centers to pick up an order. We have boneless wings, hamburgers, breaded chicken patties, cold cut sandwiches and so much more. Breakfast and lunch/supper are packaged and ready to go.

Visit our website at www.newheightscrc.org for a list of locations near you and their hours of operation. No documentation or application process is required.

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