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What We Do

What We Do

New Heights Community Resource Center is dedicated to reducing the impact of adverse childhood experiences, and creating opportunities for under-represented youth to succeed.

Serving Our Community by 4 Core Initiatives


Forks of Flavor™ is our Nutrition Initiative that provides healthy meals to children participating in out-of-school time programs.


Branded You-Nique™ is a guided online coaching experience to “ready” teens and young adults for the workforce.

College Cafe™

College Café™ offers an 8-week deep dive into planning, budgeting, admissions, funding, and getting acclimated to college life.

Infinite Wisdom™

Infinite Wisdom™ offers 2 incredible enriched learning experiences. Learn about our early childhood center and our amazing summer empowerment experience.


Ensuring every child ages 2-18 receives a healthy, holistic meal daily.

Forks of Flavor is our Nutrition Initiative that provides healthy meals to children participating in out-of-school time programs.  This program is offered in 3 distinctive programs: Meal Sponsorships to children in eligible programs, Flavor Cafe (Youth Soup Kitchen), and Sizzling Summer Youth Cook-Off Competition.

New Heights is eliminating food insecurities for children and youth by providing healthy meals and teaching youth how to cook healthy

What Makes Our Meals different?

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If you are interested in receiving free meals for youth participating in your after school, tutoring, youth group, or fitness program, please call us at (314) 473-7213 or email us at

Branded You-Nique™

“Thirty-four percent of youth feel ill-equipped to network, speak publicly, or compete in today’s market”

(Generation Z in the Workforce, 2020)


Branded You-Nique™ is a guided online coaching experience to “ready” teens and young adults for the workforce.  Participants will learn personal branding, networking, and other essential skills to equip them for today’s economy.  

Youth ages 15 and older can register online to participate in this program. 

Schools interested in New Heights providing this program live and onsite should call us at 314-473-7213 or email us at

College Cafe™

“With barriers such as overcrowded classrooms, overwhelmed teachers, and behavior disruptions, youth in underperforming schools are often not afforded the same opportunities to help them prepare for college”

(Michigan State University Professor, 2016).

College Café™
offers an 8-week deep dive into planning, budgeting, admissions, funding, and getting acclimated to college life.  Youth ages 16-21 are eligible to register for the College Café™ to begin planning and preparing for their college education. 

Registration for this program only occurs twice per year. Join our waitlist for an invitation once it opens

Infinite Wisdom™

“Irrefutable evidence proves that the early years (birth through age 8) have the most impact on an individual’s life. 

For every $1 invested in quality, comprehensive early childhood education, $7 in future costs of school failure, teen pregnancy, and juvenile delinquency is prevented”

(Head Start Association).

Infinite Wisdom Learning Center™
provides an enriching learning experience for children and youth, birth through 12 years, in a state licensed environment.  By adapting a research-based curriculum, children are exposed to hands-on learning, field experiences, and a structured atmosphere conducive to self-guided learning.


“For young people with high needs, the availability of quality programs can mean the difference between a life with positive, upward trajectory and one that is on a perilous, sometimes tragic course” (Vision for Children at Risk).

Infinite Wisdom Summer Experience™
connects youth to life experiences that amplifies academic skills acquired in the traditional classroom setting.  Youth are submerged into 8 to 10 weeks of in-depth meaningful experiences that expose youth to a myriad of career opportunities.

Youth Helped

Serving youth of St Louis City, County, and surrounding areas. This number continues to grow.


Our impact comes from focus on our 4 core initiatives to help youth and their families.


We couldn’t do any impact on this scale without our continued partners standing with us.


We need as many generous, caring hearts helping us as we can to make this all possible

Freshly Prepared Meals

300,000 and growing to give children the consistency of healthy, balanced meals daily.

Improved Scores

Improved scores in both math & reading mean more opportunities for our youth in years ahead

Women with Better Jobs

Helping women secure better jobs makes a huge difference in the life of their children

Years Strong

Cultivating tomorrow’s leader, today – 9 years strong and we’re only getting started!

A Letter From Our Founder

Dear friend,

By the time I was eight, I had experienced multiple adverse childhood experiences.  I lost my grandfather who was my heartbeat, I longed for a relationship with my missing father, and I had transitioned from a private school to a predominantly white public school where I experienced blatant racism for the first time.

I spent the majority of grade school in a South County School (Lindbergh School District) in a very affluent community and was later transferred to an urban school in North County- Riverview Gardens School District to finish 10-12 grade.  Riverview was approximately 95% black students and 5% white, 99% low-income. Riverview Gardens was the first of many black-populated county schools to lose its state accreditation. My 10th grade English book was the same book I had in the 5th grade at Lindbergh School District.  Riverview’s library was the size of 2 classrooms combined where in comparison, Lindbergh’s library was a three-story stand-alone building.  I learned quickly from this transition, that I would have to advocate for my future or I would become a tragic story of failure.

  • I graduated from Riverview in 1997 with my first semester of college already completed.
  • I bounced around from college to college not sure of who I was, how to find my purpose, or what I wanted to do with my life and really wasted a lot of time and money.  I finally graduated from Lindenwood University with my Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications.
  • Against all odds, I was accepted into Lindenwood’s graduate school for Nonprofit Administration and Washington University’s School of Social Work. 

There were a few valuable lessons I learned along that way that brought me into my passion:

  • Opportunities are not equally accessible for all people
  • You can’t do better until you see better
  • If you don’t know your options, you don’t have any
  • Environment drives behavior

As a result, I started learning as much as possible about the nonprofit world and how to design a comprehensive, high-impact program that marries education to socio-emotional intelligence.

I’ve made it my mission to give under-represented children—who are now in the circumstances I once was in—more opportunities than I had. This was when New Heights was born. Many incredible people have since stood up to join me in this mission to give hope, opportunities, and tools to children in adverse situations so that they can overcome life’s formidable roadblocks and live a purpose-filled life.

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,

Connie Bobo

Our Partners

  • Gene Slay Girls & Boys Club
  • St Louis Association of Community Organizations
  • Wesley House Association of St Louis
  • The Youth & Family Center
  • Beyond Housing- Pagedale Family Support Center
  • Glamm Girls
  • Horizon’s St Louis in Kirkwood
  • Sistah 2 Sistah
  • Favored Foundation for Strengthening Families
  • Ephesus Missionary Baptist Church
  • Rysing Divaz Social Club
  • Brilliant Minds Private School
  • New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church
  • Tabernacle of Faith & Deliverance
  • Lincoln Outreach Extension
  • STEAMin’ Programs
  • Starkloff Disability Institute
  • Strong Tower Church (Torre Fuerte es Jehova)

Past & Present Funders

Give Today

From the Bottom of Our Hearts,
Children have so much to offer the world- we believe in the power that they hold, and know that they will mold future generations to come.  From our children, staff, leadership, volunteers, and parents, we offer you a heart-felt thank you for your gracious donattions to continue our great work!  We can't thank you enough.













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