April 10, 2020

St Louis, MO – New Heights Community Food Center is sponsoring multiple Food Distribution Centers throughout St Louis City and County to aid families during their time of need.

“Child food insecurity is not a big city problem or a small town problem, it is a statewide issue” (MO Food & Community Trust, 2020). Traditionally, parents have been able to rely on school breakfast and lunch programs to
supplement their food budgets. But with unplanned school closures, household food costs have nearly tripled.
As a result of this demand, access to much needed foods in consumer grocery stores are harder to come by. Families are struggling to meet the increasing financial needs of their households while businesses continue to close their doors leaving households unemployed and under-resourced.

New Heights understands the significant need for help. That’s why we have committed to distributing 1,000 meals per day to households impacted by school closures. We have set up multiple drive-thru Food Distribution Centers throughout St Louis City and St Louis County to ensure Missouri’s children will continue to receive healthy meals during these unpredictable times.

Parents can choose any of the Food Distribution Centers to receive meals. No appointment or documentation is required. Simply pull on the lot, we will load your trunk, and you are on your way! We have Food Distribution Centers at the following locations:

Contact: Connie Bobo
Executive Director
(314) 473-7213

Gene Slay Girls & Boys Club I
2524 S. 11th Street, 63104 (Monday – Friday)

Gene Slay Girls & Boys Club II
3214 Pulaski, 63111 (Monday – Friday)

Ephesus Missionary Baptist Church
5201 Thrush Ave, 63120 (Tues / Thurs / Sun)

Wesley House Association of St Louis
4507 E. Lee Ave, 63115 (Mon / Wed / Fri)

New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church
4700 West Florissant, 63115 (Tues / Wed / Thurs)

Favored Foundation
1297 Amherst, 63112 (Monday – Friday)

Strong Tower (Torre Fuerte es Jehova)
424 Graham Rd, 63031 (Wed / Sun)

Ryzing Divaz Social Club @ LaSalle Apartments
1001 Hickory Place, 63104 (Monday – Friday)

Brilliant Minds Private School
14550 New Hallsferry Rd, 63033 (Tues / Thurs / Sun)

For more information, menus, or for an updated list of Food Distribution Centers, please
contact the Executive Director, Connie Bobo

(314) 473-7213


About New Heights Community Resource Center

Since 2011, New Heights has been an advocate for the healthy growth and development of
children. We are dedicated to reducing the impact of adverse childhood experiences, and
creating opportunities for under-represented youth to succeed. Through our powerful,
innovative programs and community-centric services, youth will be equipped with the
essential tools to overcome life’s formidable roadblocks and live a purpose-filled life.

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